APS Bridge Program

Academic Assessment and Support

Academic preparation for bridge students may vary widely. Some applicants will have taken the typical undergraduate core courses and excelled. Others, may have completed their undergraduate degrees without ever having an opportunity to take standard undergraduate physics courses such as quantum mechanics or thermodynamics. Furthermore, student self-assessment may not always prove accurate. Thus, it is imperative to assess students’ academic preparation. This will allow bridge site leaders to help students in choosing appropriate classes and to determine what resources or support may be needed throughout the academic year. In addition to these things, below we discuss support needed in terms of time management, learning, study, and problem-solving challenges.

Ways to assess academic preparation prior to student arrival/enrollment in courses.

Ways to assess academic performance and support admitted bridge students

Assessment prior to admissions is useful in making appropriate matches (See Making Appropriate Matches) and also understanding what resources may be necessary to support students upon matriculation. However, it is imperative that assessment of bridge student academic performance is ongoing, especially within the first two years of the graduate program