APS Bridge Program

California State University, Los Angeles

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Program Contact:
Oscar Bernal
Department of Physics
California State University, Los Angeles

Oscar Bernal

Other Contacts:

Astronomy and Astrophysics:
Susan Terebey

Computational Biophysics:
Paul Nerenberg

Nuclear Physics:
Konrad Aniol

Cosmology and Relativity:
Milan Mijic

Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics:

Experimental Condensed Matter Physics:

California State University, Los Angeles, is a Hispanic Serving Institution located in the heart of metropolitan LA. Naturally diverse by virtue of LA demographics and our service area in particular, which is reflected in the diverse nature of our current students, the Physics and Astronomy department at Cal State LA constantly promotes the participation of underrepresented minorities in the fields of physics and astronomy. With this goal in mind we concentrate our efforts on mentoring and nurturing all students for successful careers. The success of both our alumni and attending students, coupled with their diversity in ethnicity and gender, immediately provides a comfortable and encouraging environment for all new students when they start our M.S. and B.S. programs.

Included in our relatively small group of tenured/tenure track faculty are one female and two Hispanic tenured faculty members who serve as outstanding role models and mentors for our students. We offer BA, BS and MS degrees. We strive to involve all of our undergraduate and graduate students in research with faculty for extended parts of their time with us. Masters students have two options, the comprehensive exam option (which involves more coursework) and the research option, which involves doing research with a faculty member, writing and defending a thesis. Approximately 60% of the Masters students chose the comprehensive exam option. Of these, some chose to participate in research as part of their preparation.

Admissions Information
Application for admission to our MS Program starts with CSU Mentor. After applying online, please visit our department page and fill out the information requested. The University, through the Office of Graduate Studies and Research, reviews and decides whether an applicant satisfies the requirements for university graduate admissions and forwards the successful application materials to the department for a decision on admission to the program. At any time during the admission process students should feel free and encouraged to contact one of the following faculty members in the department: Marty Epstein (Advisor); William Taylor (Advisor); Oscar Bernal (APS-BP Contact Person); Radi Jishi (Department Chair).

Financial Support
Students admitted to our MS program should be aware of the many options for financial support that might be available to them if they decide to attend our school. Below is a list of some of these options. More information about specific programs can be found in the links provided.