APS Bridge Program

University of Virginia

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Contact Information:

Prof. Chris Neu
Graduate Admissions Chair

Chris Neu

Mrs. Elizabeth Guyton
Administrative Assistant to the Department Chair

Elizabeth Guyton

The University of Virginia has been consistently ranked one of the top public universities in the nation, and its Physics Department strives to build a vibrant intellectual community by fostering a connected and diverse tissue of scholars. We are proud to be a partner institution of the APS Bridge Program.

The department's Ph.D. program features strong mentoring from faculty and peers. This includes multiple individual meetings to keep students on course throughout the program by tracking academic and research progress, as well as discussing work organization and time management.

The department also offers its own bridge program, including selected undergraduate courses, on a personalized, case by case basis. Placement in this program is determined before upon admission and before first-year classes start by mutual agreement between the graduate program director and the student, after an in-depth conversation. Participation in the UVa bridge program does not come at the expense of time allotted to complete the PhD.

Students admitted to the Ph.D. program are supported financially either by teaching assistantships or research assistantships or fellowships. During their first year of study, students are given opportunities to meet all faculty members in order to determine their research fields of interest. The department conducts very active and internationally recognized research in AMO, biological, condensed matter, high energy, nuclear, and theoretical physics. Please contact us for more details!