APS Bridge Program

University of Rochester

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Contact Information:

Dan Watson

Dan Watson
Department Chair and Professor

Lynne Orr
Director of Graduate Studies and Professor

Laura Blumkin
Graduate Program Coordinator

The Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Rochester includes 28 full-time tenure track faculty, 24 jointly-appointed faculty with primary appointments in other University departments. We have over 110 PhD students in our program. We offer two doctoral degrees, one in Physics, and the other in Physics and Astronomy, the latter being conferred mostly upon astrophysics students.

We have strong research groups whose activities span the frontiers of modern physics: astrophysics, biological physics, complex networks and data science, condensed matter physics, elementary-particle physics, plasma physics, and quantum optics. Our PhD programs in these areas are ranked 18-21 nationally, depending upon metric, in the most recent NAS/NRC Review of Graduate Programs.

On campus, our offices and research activities are mostly contained within a single large building, Bausch & Lomb Hall. Our research activity finds significant leverage elsewhere on campus through the Laboratory for Laser Energetics, the Institute of Optics and the Goergen Institute for Data Science.

We have several faculty members dedicated to the admission, induction and mentoring of APS Bridge students including our Department Chair and Professor Dan Watson, our Director of Graduate Studies and Professor Lynne Orr, and the Chair of the Graduate Admissions Committee. Our Physics and Astronomy graduate student association, PASsAGE, is also a valuable base for mentorship and student focused activities.