APS Bridge Program

Indiana University

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Program Contact:
Indiana University
Department of Physics
Bloomington Indiana

Professor: Jon Urheim

Program Assistant:
Samantha Allen

The Indiana University Department of Physics is very excited to be one of the newly established American Physical Society's Bridge Programs. We will provide an individualized program to enable each student to bridge the gap between undergraduate and graduate study. This program will draw from our broad curriculum, featuring an especially wide array of laboratory-based courses, and will emphasize immersion in frontier research activities, in traditional fields of physics as well as interdisciplinary ones. We also pay close attention to mentoring, advising, and professional development. Our department is interactive, friendly, and personal. We are eager to welcome strongly motivated students to our program and offer them the opportunity to earn a master's degree as they prepare for the Ph.D. We anticipate that in many cases Bridge Fellows will be able to transition seamlessly into our Ph.D. program.