APS Bridge Program

Bridge Sites

To accomplish the goals of the program APS will, over the course of the project, fund a set of Bridge Sites. These bridge sites will host students (APS Bridge Fellows) who typically would not gain acceptance into a physics doctoral program, to spend a period of 1-2 years after their undergraduate studies enhancing their academic and research skills before applying to a doctoral program.

Key Components

Successful bridge programs share certain interrelated key components, which build on each other to provide students with a complete educational experience, from recruitment and research experiences, to mentoring, application coaching, and progress monitoring through the PhD. More Information


APS Bridge Sites

The APS Bridge Program currently funds the following sites:

California State University Long Beach

Florida State University

Indiana University

The Ohio State University

University of South Florida

University of Central Florida


Additional Bridge Programs

A number of other bridge programs exist for undergraduate students interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in physics. These programs are not funded by APS, but share similar program goals and work closely together to achieve the goals of increasing the number of underrepresented minorities that receive Ph.D.s in physics. Please note: Students must apply separately to the non-APS bridge programs listed below for consideration. Applications submitted to the APS Bridge Program will not be automatically considered by Columbia, Fisk- Vanderbilt, Michigan, and MIT.

Columbia: Bridge to the Ph.D.

Fisk-Vanderbilt: Master-to-Ph.D. Bridge Program

MIT: Physics Bridge Program

University of Michigan: Applied Physics Imes-Moore Fellows Program