APS Bridge Program

About the Inclusive Graduate Education Network (IGEN)

The Inclusive Graduate Education Network is a pilot effort that brings together a half dozen selective graduate programs in physics to develop, adopt, and share inclusive practices for recruiting, admitting, and retaining women and underrepresented minorities. Network partners also include physics professional societies, minority serving organizations in physics, and researchers in graduate education to leverage and build knowledge, resources, and connections to help transform the enterprise of graduate education in physics. The launch pilot builds on the APS Bridge Program, which has demonstrated initial success with increasing numbers of underrepresented minorities in physics Ph.D. programs.


Physics awards smaller percentages of Ph.D.s to women (19%) and underrepresented ethnic and racial minorities (7%) than any other field in the sciences, and underrepresentation is especially pronounced at selective universities. As global competition for scientific talent heats up and US demographics shift, cultivating a robust domestic workforce is critical to U.S. technological leadership.

Female and Underrepresented Ethnic and Racial Minorities in Physics

Female URM Graph