APS Bridge Program


Student Eligibility Requirements
Application Review Process


The 2015 student application form for the APS Bridge Program is currently closed. It will be open for 2016 recruitment in early December 2015. Thank you for your interest!

The mission of the APS Bridge Program (APS-BP) is to strengthen physics in the United States by increasing the number of underrepresented minority students who receive doctoral degrees in physics. The APS-BP is open to prospective students who meet the eligibility criteria, exhibit academic promise, plan to pursue a doctoral degree in physics and can enhance the diversity of doctoral students in physics.

Students enroll in a one- to two-year Bridge Experience in a post-baccalaureate program that provides research experience, advanced coursework, mentoring, and coaching to prepare a graduate school application. The Bridge Experience aims to improve access to and culture of graduate education for all students, with emphasis on those underrepresented in doctoral programs in physics.

Successful applicants will be fully supported through a combination of funding from the Bridge institution and the APS Bridge Program.

We also forward information to institutions who may consider your application before this date, so please complete your submission as soon as practical.

The ideal candidate for this program will be a current or former undergraduate physics student, who for various reasons does not have the necessary coursework, research experience, or guidance to successfully apply for admission and complete a physics PhD program. Successful applicants must demonstrate the commitment, drive, and potential to complete a rigorous graduate physics program. Underrepresented minority students including African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Native Americans are strongly encouraged to apply.


Students must:

Students cannot be enrolled in or have previously completed a physics graduate program.

Application Review Process

Eligibility will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis by the APS-BP management. All complete applications are forwarded to bridge sites for consideration. Programs make decisions to admit individual students. APS-BP will provide support for students admitted to bridge sites who meet eligibility requirements.

Admissions Evaluation Guidelines

APS recommends these criteria for admission into bridge programs, but final decisions are made by each bridge site.

  1. Academic promise
  2. Drive to pursue a doctoral degree in physics
  3. Potential to benefit from 1-2 years of training in preparation for a doctoral program
  4. Contribution to enhancing diversity of doctoral students in physics


Read the Program FAQ

If you have questions regarding eligibility or the application process, send an email to BridgeProgram@aps.org or contact any of the project leadership.